Who We Are?

About Us

Since 2010, Koni Design work with a group of designer to make a fabulous design and artwork for over hundreds company for a better solutions to rocketed their sales and archived their goals.  

From designing a brand logo until the product ended at the cashier counter, we provided our clients with the best designed products and marketing tools and ideas.

Our skills are not set only on graphic design, we also servicing for 3D visualization, digital/offset printing and web development.

Koni Design
Software Experience


Software experience.

Working with local contractor to prestigious developer on 3D visual photo realistic rendering to meet a successful presales.

Quality machines

Quality ensure.

Printing quality is maintain with printers vary in size, speed and sophistication. 
Mainly responsible for creating the specified print material with high resolution and sharpness of text and images on paper.
Digital and Offset Printing


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